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Most Common Errors made While Filing a VAT Return in the UAE

The UAE government introduced VAT or Value Added Tax for businesses that exceed an annual turnover of AED 350,000. The VAT system was first introduced in January 2018, after which companies in the UAE Mainland and Freezones have levied taxes on every sale they made. Before the tax period ends, the taxable businesses must file […]

5 Important Facts about VAT Consultants in Dubai

Since the time the FTA announced it to be mandatory in 2018, Value Added Tax or VAT has been the talk of the town for businesses of all levels. Filing your VAT returns in the UAE can sometimes be a pain in the neck. It is tough for the common businessman to wrap their heads […]

What Are The Advantages Of VAT Registration In Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates has become one of the first countries to apply an indirect tax on all taxable products and services. We’ll take a deep look at the benefits of VAT registration in  UAE in the region in this piece. The Benefits of VAT in the UAE The UAE government established VAT registration in […]

Ways to Amend your VAT Registration in UAE

The newly introduced VAT system in Dubai, UAE, makes it essential for qualified and experienced tax professionals and consultants to support your business. We, at Earningo’s VAT Registration Dubai, UAE are here to lend you a helping hand, with our team of highly experienced and FTA verified consultants for taxes and audits who can work […]

How to Secure Tourist VAT Refunds on your Purchases in UAE?

The UAE is a shopper’s paradise with its luxury outlets, glitzy malls, and gold souqs and luxury outlets. It offers the best brands from around the world, and tourists can take advantage of the shopping opportunities when they visit the country. The UAE government’s decision to refund Value Added Tax (VAT) paid by tourists on […]

With This Easy Method, You Can Register for VAT In the UAE Quickly

VAT stands for value-added tax. It is a tax levied based on their consumption rather than their income. It is imposed on the price of a product or service at each production stage, distribution, or sale to the end consumer. Value-added tax, or VAT in the UAE, commenced on the 1st of January, 2018. The […]

Compilation of ESR Notification Deadlines for various Relevant Authorities

UAE Economic Substance Regulations (ESR) notification for all free zones is mentioned below: Sr. No. Relevant Authority Deadline   Remarks 1 Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) May 31, 2020 ESR notification for DSO companies, form must be completed and emailed to of Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA). 2 Dubai South Free Zone (Dubai Aviation City Corporation) June 07, […]

VAT Audit – 10 Things You Can Do To Prepare Yourself For It

It has been 3 years since VAT has been introduced in UAE for the supply of goods and services. The UAE government introduced VAT on January 1st, 2018. It has been recommended for companies to complete their VAT audit by approved tax agents in UAE. This is because tax experts who understand the regulations set […]

14 Apr
What is VAT Clarification Form?

What is VAT Clarification Form?

When one thinks about the Middle East, the UAE and its trade-friendliness for industrialists native to the region and all over the world comes to everyone’s mind instantly. The UAE government has made tremendous efforts to ensure that the ease of doing business is always high here. As an extension of its efforts to improve […]

27 Jan
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As a general rule, the Input Tax recoverable is the total of Input Tax paid for Goods and Services which are used or intended to be used for making any of the following: • Taxable Supplies • Supplies that are made outside UAE which would have been Taxable Supplies had they been made in UAE. […]