5 Important Facts about VAT Consultants in Dubai

5 Important Facts about VAT Consultants in Dubai

Since the time the FTA announced it to be mandatory in 2018, Value Added Tax or VAT has been the talk of the town for businesses of all levels. Filing your VAT returns in the UAE can sometimes be a pain in the neck. It is tough for the common businessman to wrap their heads around all the tax-related information with so many legal rulings and conditions and frequently changing policies. It is where VAT consultants come into the picture. The VAT consultants in Dubai are experts in decoding the complicated VAT returns stuffs and simplifying your tax filing.

An organization may reach out to VAT consultants for almost everything related to tax. VAT consultants are of great help for your organization right from identifying the appropriate VAT on your goods/services to filing the returns with every minute detail and zero errors. Here are some brilliant facts about VAT consultants that clears any misconceptions you may have.

Why VAT Consultants in Dubai are your Supporters?

1. They take up all forms of tax issues and solve them for you

VAT consultants are adept at transforming your business’ functioning in compliance with the current FTA requirements and trends. They offer assistance to deal with varied tax-related issues. It includes accounting, book-keeping, planning and strategizing your VAT processes, VAT filing and reducing liabilities, maintaining and recording your purchases, sales, etc., detecting miscalculations, and avoiding delayed submissions. They are your one-stop solution for all tax issues.

2. Save both your time and energy

When experts take to work, the time and energy invested are reduced by multiple folds. Make sure to get in touch with experienced VAT consultants to ease your tax submission. These professionals are well-equipped to analyze risks, minimize them, and reduce liabilities with appropriate accounting and filing.

3. VAT consultants help improvise your business

Joining hands with VAT experts will not just relieve your tax filing burden, but also facilitate your organization to improve financially. An efficient consultant will thoroughly examine the ins and outs of your business, formulate a robust VAT strategy, and help in identifying the loopholes. They offer exclusive ideas to improvise the profitability of your organization.

4. Prepare your VAT filing sheet with ease

Doing the filing of your VAT returns on your own is possible but that equally raises the chances of making evident mistakes which can leave you with heavy penalties. A VAT filing service provider frees you from this tedious task and takes up the responsibility of auditing your accounts. They monitor the calculations, including the exempted sales, and managing the RCM (Reverse Charge Mechanism), etc. Moreover, expert VAT consultants in Dubai ensure that your tax submissions are on time and error-free.

5. Communicating with higher tax authorities & offering accurate data

Tax consultants in Dubai do all the talking with the higher authorities to prepare the most accurate VAT filing sheet for your business. You, as an organization, will be freed from the time-consuming task of dealing with the officials. Besides, their expertise and knowledge help your tax filing stay at par with the ongoing requirements of the government.


VAT can be a very complicated process to deal with. Since it is quite new for the market holders in the UAE, it requires both time and effort to understand the compliances and abide by them. Under such circumstances, VAT consultants in Dubai are saviors. They are professionals with adequate knowledge and qualifications who keep you up-to-date with the latest norms. They help you formulate proper plans, audit your finances, assist you maintain records, and file your VAT returns with utmost accuracy and reliability.


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