Change Email ID on Federal Tax Authority (FTA)

Change Email ID on Federal Tax Authority (FTA)

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) is a government entity responsible for administering, collecting, and enforcing federal taxes across the UAE. It helps foster an environment that drives outstanding economic development. The FTA helps keep the sturdy investment infrastructure and legislative system intact to ensure all international standards are met. It is the body responsible for ensuring that the tax system is fairly and transparently implemented. It ensures all resources are redistributed to facilitate the continued growth and development of the nation and enrichment of the people.

For any business to be registered with the FTA ensures that is it acknowledged by the government as the supplier of goods and services and is authorized to collect VAT from customers and remit the same to the government. The FTA portal is extremely easy to operate and one can easily register and maintain all records efficiently. It answers all the queries related to support, goods, refunds, VAT, etc. on the portal.

It has recently enabled the online option where one can change the login account email address that is registered with the FTA Tax Portal. The process is extremely easy and hassle-free and here are instructions on how you can update it.

What do you need to do?

1.Log in to the FTA tax portal and select –> My Accounts –> My Profile –> New Email Address –> E- Verify

2.Come Back to the same page – My Accounts –> My Profile –> New Email Address and attach a letter stating reasons for change that are duly signed and stamped.

3.The letter format that is needed is available in the guide section on the FTA website and can be easily downloaded – -> VAT -> Guides, References & Public Clarifications -> VAT Guide (Registration).

4.This letter must be on the official company letterhead, should include a company stamp and official contact details of the company.

5.Attach the copy of the passport of the old and new email account holder.

6.Attach the copy of the Emirates ID of the old and new email holder (if applicable)

After submitting the application, the FTA will review the request and take appropriate action within 5 business days. If the FTA requires any further details in order to process the application, the user will receive an email notification setting out the information that is needed

When the request for email change is approved, the user will receive an email notification on the newly registered email address and the email will be updated in the system.

Note: Once the new email address is updated on FTA, the user will no longer be able to login to the e-Services portal using their old email address. They will need to use the updated email address to log in to e-Services.

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