Why SME Businesses Require Outsourced CFO Services

Why SME Businesses Require Outsourced CFO Services

Do you know why many SMEs fail to thrive in Dubai? It is because they don’t understand the right time to hire help or outsource tasks. A business runs through several strands and taking care of all of them is possible, but not fruitful in the long run. Especially when it comes to finances, you need support from experts. Outsource CFO services to ease the financial burden from your shoulders, strategize your monetary system, earn huge profit, and scale like never before!

Hiring CFO services will regulate your finances and show you endless possibilities to improve your business. Read along to find out more details on CFO services in Dubai, their importance, and why you need them for your SME.

Who is a CFO?

CFO or a Chief Financial Officer is a professional expert who is responsible to deal with all thing’s finances. Right from budgeting and managing investments to analysing the financial market and formulating growth-oriented strategies, a CFO will be your support system to carve your business’ path to success.

SMEs usually fall into the spiral of thinking that CFOs are for large-scale businesses, probably due to the cost of hiring them. If you talk about having a full-time CFO on board, then yes it can cost you a lot of bucks. But what if we say you can outsource CFO services?

Why do you need to Outsource CFO Services in Dubai?

SMEs can enjoy all the premium benefits of having a CFO while not being too harsh on their limited budget. Outsourcing CFO services and hiring them virtually for part-time will do wonders for your business’ financial stem. So here is a quick list of all the things a CFO could do:

  1. Analyse, audit, regulate, and strategize your cash flow system.
  2. Calculate investment risks and guide you towards making healthy financial decisions.
  3. Study the market thoroughly and propose a plan to endure maximized monetary benefits.
  4. Manage liquidity, strategic planning to increase ROI, financial forecasting, and reporting.

But you may question, is bookkeeping not enough? Obviously not. Gone are the days when the competition was low and markets were at peace. Today, business is all about staying at par with the trend and clever financial planning while reflecting your business’ authenticity, purpose, and ideas.

CFOs are the right people who can align your financial goals with the essence of your organization and keep up with the fast pace in the market.

When do SMEs need Virtual CFO Services?

As a business owner, it can seem overwhelming to decide whether or not now is the right time for hiring a CFO. While the decision depends on your business type, module, investment, planning, and goals, here are a few indicators to realize that it’s time to level up the game and hire a CFO virtually or part-time.

  1. You are on a growth spurt – When things in your business are moving forward and growth seems evident, then talking to a CFO can be the right step. While going along the upward spiral the chances to trip off and descale are more. So having a virtual CFO at your side to discuss the current plans and future strategies to prevent any downward flow is a wonderful idea.


  1. When the cash flow is all tangled – Cash flow issues are where many SMEs throw in the towel. If you are struggling with cash flow management, then that is a big indicator that you need the help of a CFO.


  1. A financial decision blocks our way – CFOs are critical thinkers and adept at making difficult decisions. Whether it is about expanding your business, finding the right investors or you investing in something, then CFO is who you need.


It is tough to decide if you should outsource CFO services, especially when you are running on a restricted budget while managing so many other things on your plate. But virtual CFO services in Dubai are meant to benefit you with exemplary financial support while saving you time and money. Make that big move and get yourself a virtual CFO who will work collectively with you for improving your business by multiple folds.

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