FTA Certified Tax Agent

What is a Tax Agent?

According to the VAT Law, A tax agent is “a Person registered with the Authority in the Register, who is appointed on behalf of another person to represent him before the Authority and assist him in the fulfilment of his Tax obligations and the exercise of his associated tax rights states that a Tax Agent.”

Why Do you Need a Tax Agent?

VAT is fairly new to a lot of people in UAE regardless if it has been around for a few months already. Residents & business people alike still find dealing with VAT as not entirely extreme, but it is a pebble in a shoe. For a number of people, however, they find it not just pebble but a rock to carry. The idea about certified tax agent UAE has been introduced to the business industry before the tax system was implemented.
The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) already felt the possible problems and issues that might arise and might be big concerns for business people that is why the information about tax agents was laid down by them. There are now a number of approved tax agents in the country, which means they have met the high standards of the government for one to become a tax agent.
With the help of tax agents, it is believed that the implementation of the tax system in the country will be done with ease.

What Certified Tax Agents in UAE are Made Of:

Tax agents are not simply approved easily in the UAE. There are a number of extensive requirements that should be met by individuals if they want to be tax agents.
The standards are admittedly not easy to meet as per Article 14, Part 2, Chapter 3 of the VAT Law, the requirements are below:
• Three years of practical experience in taxation, accounting, or law
• Fluent in Arabic and English
• Certifications like Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in tax, accounting, or law should be from an accredited educational institution.
• A passing grade in FTA examination
• Physically fit for the individual to perform the duties and responsibilities of a tax agent
• Professional indemnity insurance in possession
• Clean record with regard to conduct without any crime or misdemeanour recorded

Why Choose Earningo – The Leading Tax Agent in UAE

Earningo is a regulated Tax Agent in UAE with more than 30 years of experience in the business industry. We have handled a lot of situations and provided the best solutions to ensure that businesses will continually operate in the best possible way.
Our service is nothing but at its best quality as we believe that our clients’ happiness is one of the most important things.
The tax era is a difficult one but it will be easier to weather if you have an expert on your side. You can contact us today and book a consultation with us for you to understand more about what we can help you with.

Earningo being a registered Tax Agent will be your tax agent and we take full responsibility to cover all the elements and areas of upcoming VAT in UAE to unload your burden and represent your company in front of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

We will assist you in the fulfilment of your tax obligations and exercise your associated tax rights.



We will represent Federal Tax Authority (FTA) on your behalf to provide the following services:

  • VAT Procedures
  • VAT Declaration
  • VAT Assessment proceedings & Penalties
  • VAT Appeals
  • VAT Auditing